Friday, February 01, 2008

Live by myself on weekends

Yes! It's Thursday night! .... this is my beginning of my weekend. Yahooooo!

I am now working for Canadian research comany, and mainly doing reseach of Forign Direct Investment(FDI) of Japanese companies. Meaning..... I am in charge of Japanese market. Needless to say, we have time-difference.... 14 hours between Montreal and Japan. As the result, my working hours shift to Japanese way, but still it's so difficult to work completely on Japanese business time that.... I work from 4pm to 11pm, from Sunday to Thursday. Haha, I can spend weekends much earlier and longer than real Japanese Biz people! Haha!

In addition to that, my lovely roommate spends almost half of her days with her boyfriend's place. Of course I really love to share time with her, especially chatting with her, but from another view point, I can spend my own time as I please! Haha, it sounds super! eh?

Whatever, now I am sitting with a glass of vodca on the rocks, twist grapefruits.... happiest moment of my life.

Well, anyway, I truely love this life. If I am allowed to wish more, I need more time to practice my English. In that meaning, sharing time with my roommate is perfect for me. She is highly intelligent woman.. especially on the point of her communicative attitude. We can enjoy talking about many things..... Today, as I mentioned in my Japanese blog, we talked about Canadian culture things... namely, about Acadian culture. Her background is Acasian, and her ancesters were from France, like many Québécois. I've never heard the word "Acadian" nor "Acadiens", so her story was totally new for me.

Since I came to Montreal, I've met so many nationalities, in not only daily life, but also in my work places. Sometimes I encounter culutual gap that I can never fill, but.... differences are just that. No need to overcome... I mean... the impant thing is just to respect that. That's it.

To respect, I want to understand things what they are. That's one of the biggest reason ,at the same time, the most fun part of wandering this wonderland.

Thanks to everything and everybody, I can feel world like this.
I have many things to know, still!

Good night,
and have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To those who I love

Dear Friends,

Bonjour! How've you been doing ? I am super fine in this beautiful, but freezing Montreal.

Well.... I have kept in my Japanese blog for about 3 years.... my itenary,pictures, thoughts and nearly everything I experienced. The time I decided to resume my study English was when I started my Japanese Blog, "Oyo's Ploy". English is, needless to say, not my language, so Enlish had been... well.. just "one of the subjects I had to take". For that reason, English was just a thing that is not mine, not the way that I use to express myself. For that reason, this blog has been also for my practice or something like that.

But it's been almost 3 years. I mean, since I began to thing English as a "communication tool". Lucky me, now that I have many many friends who I cannot stop loving. For my dear friends who don't speak nor read Japanese, I decided to restart this English blog as a way to tell my days in Canada, and elsewhere.

Well, that's the main reason I am back here. I am quite not not not sure how long it's gonna lasts, but rather than writing "not so often" emails, I kept things here.

Anyway.... my Enlish is not so good... Please no flames about .... about my bad English! :p

Have a nice day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy, but not so bad

I think I fared better this week.

Apart from the problem of pc, things are getting well. I don't like my guide job, well, to say exactly, speaking certain things clearly in front of some people. Bet it's getting better for me. Now I can think in better way, I mean, I can have some motivation of self-improvement, so.....I'll try some more things next week.

Talking about my English, I've also decided to try to do a little new things, or some routine tasks everyday. I am not confident that I can keep doing, but all I can say now is ... just I'll do it!

CBC News - Vancouver No. 1, Toronto No. 5 on most livable cities list

Vancouver No. 1, Toronto No. 5 on most livable cities list

Vancouver has been ranked the best place to live in the world for the fifth year in a row in a survey by the Economist magazine, while Toronto took fifth place out of 132 cities.

The two Canadian cities rank among the top five because they have low crime rates, little threat from instability or terrorism, and a highly developed transport and communications infrastructure, says the survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Vancouver scored a livability index of 1.3 per cent, with zero indicating exceptional quality of living and 100 indicating life there is intolerable or severely restricted.

Toronto's livability index was 3.0. Australia also fared well in the survey, securing four spots among the top 10 cities. Algiers came in at the bottom of the ranking. Nine cities, including Algiers, present the worst-case scenario in which most aspects of living quality are severely restricted, according to the survey.

The EIU's livability ranking is part of the magazine's Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. The survey considered 40 individual factors in categories such as stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure.


上位10 都市  居住性指数 (%)*
1. バンクーバー  1.3
2. メルボルン  1.8
3. ウィーン  2.3
4. パース  2.5
5. トロント  3.0
6. アデレード  3.0
7. シドニー  3.2
8. コペンハーゲン 3.7
9. ジェノバ 3.9
10. チューリッヒ 3.9 
(*0% は生活水準最高値、100%は耐えがたい生活水準を示す。

Monday, August 20, 2007

a small solution

Well, I finely hardly succeeded to input something, after having great patience this past few weeks. I am not sure what was the reason.... could be my silly trial to open and fix my pc, and my keyboard of pc went crazy...

Anyway, after many many struggling, I came back.

Thinking back on this 2 weeks...... I was depressed more than ever.
Did I choose wrong thing?
How dare stupid I am!
I hate myself....

Since I have too much time to think, or just because of my bad nature, I could not put myself to think in positive way... and the result was, I was suffered a sort of homesick, self-hating, and being envious of someone's position.

These are things I have to overcome, I know.
I am weak, tiny, powerless and no-talented in special.

However, I have to be here.
Don't blame anything, but me, myself.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I cannot live without PC....

Hi, there.

You know what!? Something has been wrong with my PC these few weeks, and this problem is getting worse now. Yesterday I tried to use my laptop, but weired system sound kept coming and coming, and finally, my keyboard system of Japanese went crazy.....

I'll do my best to fix it, otherwise I have completely no confidence to survive without PC, especially Internet.... how different the life here in Canada is, think about that of NZ.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my PC !

Monday, August 06, 2007

Never lasting trial

Hi, there. How're you doing?

It's getting cooler, thinking back on days some weeks ago, but it's still hot, very humid these days.

In this 3months, the time I've spent in this huge country, Canada, well ....... nothing happened, but something happened.

I am having a ball in my work in some meaning, but in other meaning, this is same old crap working working working boring stuff.... Whatever, here is very peaceful, and maybe I'll hang in there for a while.

Before my birthday, I've got the other, might be the last... working holiday visa to Australia. Honestly speaking, I am not sure what I am expecting for life abroad..... What I want, Where I want to be, and Whom I want to be with..... NO idea. My English, nothing to mention about French, is far from good... well... better. Having worked for English/French native speaker, it can be said, the fluency in languages is a must.

So...... I set this August as English(and hopefully French) enhancement campaign!

Do you think I'm gonna be the boy who crys for wolf!?!??!
You'll see, wait till next month! :p

Friday, June 29, 2007

now 1month in Canada

It's already more than 1 month since I came to Canada. 

So far, I am doing ok, enjoying my life here. I've got a job on my 14th-day in Canada and this job is perfect for me because I like people working with me, and my work is all about wine!

Sometimes it could be boring due to less tours and things to do, but most of time I am comfortable to be there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I arrived in Voncouver in one piece!

I arrived in Voncouver in one piece!

After loooooooooooooong waiting in a short line in the immigration office in Van, I finally managed to get workpermit in Canada and checked in one tiny funny hostel.

It's much warmer than I expected and the downtown of Vancouver seems to be as small as Auckland's. I am not sure how long I'm gonna stay here, but at least I'll move out from this hostel soon, due to security reason. Moreover, it's too far from DT to go there.

It was such a long day. so.... good night!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Farm ladies

Well, here my house is located in a very high place..... so just a few glass of wine were good enough to make me drunken! Hahaha! Yes, it could be said Oyo is drunken. Anyway, though I had many things to write on, as time passed other new things happen.... that's the way, ha???

I'm having very enjoyable days here in rural area, Nagano. Sometimes I go shopping, sometimes I go out with my doggies, and sometimes...... I do Wwoofing!

In fact, this small village is so old and small, that as with always the case with Japanese traditional... oooops, to say exactly, with a depopulated village, mainly manpower here are of ... the elderly persons'.

But their energy is more than we imagine. What makes me surprise is... their rich wisdom. My mon is such an instant farmer that she does know very little .... yes! we need helps from our landlady, who is one of the greatest women in this village. She knows almost everything about this small, but old village, and her experience as a farmer is ...... beyond description!! She knows who are key persons in this village, when is the best season for each veges, what are of the best use when we do farming. This afternoon, I and my mom became her agriculture pupils and started to harrow our ground.

So..... hopefully, that might be enough reason to allow me to take a hot nice bath and got drunken. :)

Good night!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Most of events were over!

After spending 5days in Tokyo, I came back home & brought myself back to reality.

I had very very good time in Tokyo with many of my precious friends. I stayed with my brother's house and also had such nice time with him.

I have too much things to refer now.... well, good night!